When we see a picture we nerve ask how exactly this picture was taken. In the wedding photography genre there are plenty of specifics in the process of shooting – as it is in the other genres. In this section are shown some moments from our working days – videos and photos. Thus you can see how actually some of the most beautiful pictures on our website are taken.

Moreover, the key to success is neither the extremely expensive equipment (such we have) nor the long years of experience (which is important because it produces the routines and gives us stability to work). Nothing of what we do can be achieved without the trust that we gain from our newlyweds during the time we shoot together. That’s why the preliminary meetings with Vlady Balevski are very important. There the newlyweds are given useful pieces of advice about the organization of the wedding day, about the choice of a DJ, video operator, a decoration company, and even about the choice of a restaurant. They understand that the wedding photography is a very responsible task and the result depends not only on the skills and techniques of the photographer but also on themselves. For all of the above mentioned reasons the meetings with Vlady Balevski usually last more than two or three hours and of course there is a series of meetings before the Big day!

Trust our experience and knowledge – the team of BALEVSKI PHOTOGRAPHY wants to do more than you can imagine. God gave us the talent and you (our clients) give us the chance! We are impatient to see what we can create!