Vlady Balevski – Wedding photographer

Vlady Balevski is one of those people who even cannot remember when they touched a camera for the first time and when the love of that art came into being. Today his childhood friends playfully describe him as the person with the constantly hung over the neck camera and his sometimes annoying snap. However, they also note his remarkable shots, most of which they still keep.

Guided and supported by his grandfather – an artist, and his mother – a professional photographer, Vlady passes through all the stages of photography development in the last three decades. From an early age he has been taking photos with medium – format film cameras. He used to mix chemical solutions and to develop black – and – white photos in the dark room. Since 2003 he has been photographing fully digitally. “There is no place for admiration of the film photography compared to the digital one.” he says.

He prefers taking pictures mostly of people – concerts, reportages and studio sessions. He also deals with absolutely practical photography but he generally describes himself as a wedding photographer.

He claims that it is a marvellous feeling to share the happiness of two beloved and their families every Saturday, to capture those moments of joy which will be brought back to life through the photographs. In the last 15 years hundreds of couples fully trusted Vlady who find it a great privilege and pleasure to meet their expectation.