Maya and Luca – 12 June, 2016 Italy

To love your job and to do it passionately is the main secret to make all other people appreciate the things you do. This is something very specific that makes Vladi Balevski stand out. He successfully combines his unconditional skills, professionalism and genius – everything that is necessary and guarantees photography’s greatest gift – the everlasting emotion. It is very rare the talent to meet the professionalism but whenever is happens together with passion, the results could only be magnificent!

There is no need to hide it – we found Vladi Balevski after we had searched among the best Bulgarian professionals, and thanks to the mutual affection that appeared at the very beginning just after the first few minutes spent together, we did not have any doubts that he would stamp the best day of our life. His sense of tranquility, confidence, friendly attitude and professionalism, his charisma and amazing sense of humor overwhelmed us since the very first meeting. The thing that made our wedding’s day photo session and the succeeding photo session in Italy so special is that he managed to capture and perpetuate every single emotion in its most real, most spontaneous and original aspect.

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Alongside his technical qualities and undoubted human gifts, Vladi’s rich experience has guided us with affection and taste to many decisions we had to make. The search of the detail, the passion to details, his original sight, onset and creativity are just some of his guiding principles. He is exclusively competent and professional since the moment of the first shots. He is capable to transform people who are not used to being shot into people who feel absolutely comfortable and have real fun before the camera. When going through the pictures he takes a vivid artistic sensitivity, an ability to understand people he is capturing and his great experience in the field of professional photography are immediately noticed. Behind his naturalness and simplicity that he applies in his work with clients are hidden abilities and experience that place great calmness – which is a basic element when a person has to be focused on an important event. To trust Vladi for photo sessions, ceremonies or a professional events, means to have no doubt in the final result.

For Vladi and his magnificent team of professionals – please do accept our sincere and endless gratitude!