Lilly and Vladi – 4th June, 2016, Dubai:

‘It has been almost a year since we first met Vladi. This was an unforgettable moment for us. At that moment after almost two hours of talks and discussions, I knew we had made the right choice! This was a choice of professionalism, correctness and dedication to professional work. I have not only became more relaxed and calm but also got infected with his confidence that our “big Bulgarian wedding” would be magnificently captured and the most beautiful moments would be memorized forever, also that the indescribable happiness will be preserved forever. During our wedding day, we were feeling Vladi all around us. He and his team were working hard; they were absolutely creative and productive. I noticed them at every sort and kind of places, poses and positions. They were smiling but at the same time were focused and concentrated. However, they were “my men” whom I have entrusted the most important day in my life! And I am so thankful for that! Thank you Vladi for everything you did for us during our wedding day and during the photo sessions at the beach and in Dubai. Thank you for your perfectionism and professionalism, for your patience and understanding. Thank you for your friendship and for your support in difficult situations. Thank you for being a real man and I am so proud to know you!’