Milena and Atanas – 22nd May, 2016, Greece:

“My husband and I want to express our endless gratitude towards Vladi Balevski and the entire team of ‘Balevski Photography’! This team of professionals contributed to a very calm and pleasant setting at this very special day. A day, that was so important for us but at the same time was so rush and tense. A day, when two people officially celebrate their true love and happiness with their closest relatives and friends. Due to the fact that we live outside Bulgaria, the wedding preparations started a year earlier. After a long and extensive research in the Internet, we encountered the Balevski Photograpy website. We immediately fell in love with everything we saw. It was a consent decision that the search of a photographer was over and that we immediately had to contact him and arrange a meeting. The communication was flawless – every time Vladi responded immediately and plenty of the details about the wedding were discussed this way. During the next few months to the wedding we have met Vladi several times and the gatherings passed like a blink. His charisma and his enthusiasm that are rooted in his talking about photography are an indisputable indicator for his devotion and professionalism. After each meeting we went home happier and even calmer because at least there is one thing we should not worry about and that we have assigned it to a secure person. Although our wedding day passed like a glimpse, Balevski Photography managed to capture every emotion, every moment, and every facial expression. Whenever we go through our photos, we dive deeply in that so very special and unforgettable day for us. For our post-wedding photo session we have also entrusted Vladi and his team. Just a day after the wedding we travelled to Greece. The photos there become incredible and went far beyond our expectations. The destination, the idea and the whole concept were a fruit of the rich experience and the creativity of Vladi and his team, which we will always be truly grateful for. Thank you everyone! Thank you very much that you worked so hard and kept alive the memory of one of the happiest days in our life!

Good luck!”