Ralitsa and Peter – 2nd October, 2015, Turkey:

‘We, Ralitsa and Peter, are a new and young family who has dreamt of the most important day in their life for so long. We have been together for 9 years, and the last 3 years we are engaged.  Right after the engagement, we started preparing a list of guests and start dreaming of how exactly our Day will look like. No matter how much we wanted our dream to come true, we were fully aware that due to the fact that we were short of money, our Day has to be postponed. But this didn’t deter us from searching and preparing. Just by chance, at the very beginning of our search, we encountered Vladi and his team’s works and we were absolutely astonished by their attitude towards photography. It was something completely different from the conventional wedding photography we were used to. His work illustrates all the senses, emotions and feelings during that special moment. However, we continued reviewing and searching for many different photographers and their works but none of them managed to impress and touch us. When the moment came and we finally started organizing the event, Vladi was the first person we met, even before choosing a date and booking a restaurant for the wedding. This amazing meeting continued far more than the expected. We were grabbed by his attitude and the attention he devoted and thus he made us dream together. It was as if we have known him for so long. He is just a rare phenomenon – a person with a big heart! Just after the meeting with Vladi, we hurried to book a date just to be sure that we will not miss him; even it was a whole year before the wedding. During that year he has helped us a lot with the organization, with ideas and even by offering solutions to some of the problems we encountered – no matter what they were. Every time when we were meeting him, we had the feeling that we meet our very close friend who is just invited to the wedding and who is advising us, he just made us feel so comfortable. Thanks to him and his idea for a post-wedding photo session, we have decided to organize a honey moon because honestly, we have planned to postpone it in the future. On the wedding day, Vladi and his team were inseparable part of us, they were all around us. They calmed us down by a single sentence, just reminding us that we are the most important people during that special day. THANK YOU guys for every beautiful moment captured that day, for the incredible places that you climbed, lied down and hide for the sake of capturing the most beautiful moments of the celebration of our love. The results – they are far, far beyond our expectations. Each picture is full of sense and expresses exactly those little and real things that matter.  But when we saw the pictures of our post-wedding photo session, we remained breathless. Just like us, all of our friends and relatives were speechless. There is anything we can compare them to, we cannot find the right words to describe them – they are a real magic that fascinates you and leaves you speechless. These pictures are our memories that will be captured FOREVER and this is priceless. Thank you very much for your attitude, we admire your professionalism. The art you create is full of your will, talent and heart! You are the one and only!