We are real lucky couple because Vlady was next to us on the most important day for us! After our first meeting with Vlady, which lasted almost two hours, we were speechless! As if Vlady was the artist who drew the details and wrote the plot of our wedding. I am sure that no one can do that as well as Vlady did!

I couldn’t believe how a man could be so romantic and so deeply in love with his job!
In the beginning of the day we were a bit nervous but when they arrived we felt so comfortable. Immediately after the first shot, we knew that they started drawing our fairy tale.

Vlady was whirling around and with their professionalism they were carving our love. During the whole day he was like the rest our friends invited to the wedding. He advised us, oriented us when we need that, they laugh with us and they shared our happiness.

He made our wedding day unique and very special! Thank you very much for that!

The most beautiful and precious present which Vlady gave to us was the wedding album. He have captured in an extremely remarkable way our Day!

Every single photo in the album illustrates our happiness and gratitude of having each other. One sight, one touch, one kiss, one hug but actually this is the greatest treasure in the world. It means that you have everything. This album will be a brilliant memory for our kids and grandkids. It will be like book that we will read them and at the same time the pictures in it will tell them the story of their parents’ real love