Gratsiela and Michael – 12.12.2012, Thailand:

“The first time when I met Vladi was at my sister’s wedding in 2010. I was deeply impressed by his work. Two years later Michael proposed me and we decided to get married later in 2012. I insisted on choosing a very special day and that is why we decided to be 12.12.12. However, I didn’t like the idea of having a winter wedding and Michael came with the most brilliant idea – to get married in Thailand where the weather is really hot during that time of the year. I agreed with one condition – to have another wedding with all Bulgarian traditions and rituals in a church. He liked my idea and I started arranging everything for the wedding in Bulgaria which was on 12.10.2012. There was no doubt who our photographer would be and that is why I called Vladi to engage him. Thank God he was available. After the wedding was over and we received our wedding album we were astonished by the beauty of each photograph in it. Vladi and his team really managed to capture all our emotions in each photograph. After we saw the result of our first wedding, we decided to invite Vladi for our wedding in Thailand. I was so happy that Vladi accepted. We have arranged very beautiful places for the photo session and the result was phenomenal! This was absolutely our best investment for the moment being. We will always keep theses incredible memories thanks to the breath taking photographs made by the best photographer Vladi Balevski.’’