“On the Eve of Christmas and New Year’s holidays we are all willing to draw up a balance of the year that is left behind. For us Valentina and Lyudmil, 2012 will forever remain in our hearts as the year of our magical, fairy wedding. All the time, not only on the Big day, but also during all of the months needed for the wedding preparation, Vladi Balevski was an inseparable part of us. He inspired us, made us dream and urged us to make our dreams come true. He was generously pouring ideas out of his rich experience and guided our attention to some possible issues we might have during the wedding. So we did our best to avoid them and not let them ruin our day. On 19th August, the happiest day in our lives, the whole team of Balevski Photography was at our disposal by capturing every moment, every emotion, every tear of happiness, every smile, the promises our eyes were exchanging, and later on, the dances, the party till the early morning. Several days later our post-wedding photo session was again shot by, as a matter of fact, the three of the best professionals – Vladi, Ivo and Silviya. Not even once we heard: “Look, there is no way this to happen” or “It is impossible!”, but on the contrary – with plenty of enthusiasm, phantasy and creative thinking they accepted and developed our ideas. At the end of the day we had much more than 1000 unique photographs made with lots of love, imagination and professionalism. We are happy and proud to have met these amazingly talented people who possess personal approach towards every newly-weds couple! I had the feeling that I am the only bride in this world – they gave me this unique feeling!

Vladi, thank you so much that our grandchildren and grand-grandchildren will have the chance to feel and live over our emotions and happiness even in 50 years’ time.

We highly recommend Balevski Photography to all future newly-weds who possess attitude toward beauty and harmony, who possess sense of being different and who would like to shine and to distinguish among the crowd.

Vladi, you are Number 1!!!

4th December, 2012    ”.