“We have always known that one day our love will be crowned with a beautiful wedding where we will happily say “I do!”. But how it would look like in details, we had never thought of. We surely knew one thing – who the person who was going to seal out moments of true happiness would be, our moments of true love, excitement and our smiles. The choice of Balevski Photography was explicit! After our first meeting with him there was not even a drop of a doubt that we have made the right choice. With great passion and inspiration he was telling us everything about the wedding. All this was a symbol of his immense professionalism. It was so obvious that photography was his greatest passion, his life. And he was constantly repeating “Dream on, guys! This is your wedding day!” And this was exactly what we did – we started dreaming. And as a result of that, this is how naturally the decision of having a post-wedding photo session appeared. We wanted to fully enjoy it and partially made our dream came true – to have a wedding on the beach (or at least a photo session on the beach). We made a photo session in Greece. We devoted a whole day to that and our main purpose was to take incredible photographs to which our children and grandchildren will react one day only with “WOW”. And we actually made it! We have never dreamt of such thing. It was far beyond our expectations. We knew that Vladi and his team are brilliant photographers but once again they outdid themselves. Even the extreme exploits which we had to make during the photo session and which evoked goose pimps all over us, were definitely worth it! We just entrusted Vladi and Ivo. The spectacular photographs are the proof. The calls and the congratulations we received after we had published the pictures were another proof. And we just enjoyed every single moment. We do not want to sound banal or familiarly – but sincere – Thank you, Vladi! Thank you Ivo! Thank you Stephan! Thank you, Silviya! Thank you all for the dedicated work, for the passion you worked with on every single detail. Thank you for the pre-wedding pieces of advice and for the help during our wedding day! Thank you for all the true captures you have made where you have re-created our love so that they will made us cry every time we go through them after years.

Dear future newly-weds, dream on! Trust Balevski Photography and enjoy! The final result will astonish you … forever!