When you live far far away (almost in a distant kingdom) and you plan a wedding in your home country two basic rules exist:
First – you start organizing everything as early as possible (usually a year is enough)
And second – you start choosing people who work for the sake of work and people who you can trust.

I was observing the work of BALEVSKI PHOTOGRAPHY from the distant 2009. I enjoyed every single photograph that was published on their Facebook profile. Every shot was full of smiles, love and even more love. The love that they showed was not a clich?, it wasn’t sweet and candy love full of fake smiles that we used to know from the well-known wedding photographs. I observed different photos, different wedding couples. Every one of those people has its own image and has its own name.

All those beloved weren’t staring from the screen, holding their hands as if they were trying to persuade me how much they love each other. On the contrary – they looked deeply in each other’s eyes, whispered beautiful words and they didn’t care about the observers like me at all, who held their breath while browsing the wedding album.

And so, the first thing I did after the negotiations around the date of the Big Day, was contacting Vlady Balevski. His answer was momentous, personal and … positive!

We met almost a year later, a week before the wedding. He was welcoming, enthusiastic and full of ideas. I understood that I can fully trust him – probably there is no other person who attended more weddings during the last years than him!

Our wedding day was like a fairy tale and Vlady was inseparable part of it! Those three hours before the ceremony, which were specially engaged for the photo session were absolutely not enough – the talent and the enthusiasm of the three photographers were contagious! We realized what advantages a post wedding photo session could have – more time, less stress and even more creative photos…

And today while browsing the most memorable moments captured during our wedding day, we cannot find the appropriate words to use in order to thank them – for all the smiles, the perfect mood, for the brilliant attitude … You are real artists, real painters, and real magicians!

We wish you success, courage and inspiration!

Thank you!

And see you soon!

Plovdiv – 14 August 2011