Hello Vlady,

We are so happy to have the chance to express our endless gratitude towards your team!

I remember that you were the first person who we met during the organizational process of our wedding. For a bride like me, full of questions, the preliminary meeting was a really exciting and interesting event. You even helped us choosing a restaurant! Finally we left with some pages full of useful pieces of advice and almost all elements and details of the event. And of course we were absolutely sure that you will be our photographer!

When it comes to the wedding day it is very difficult for me to find appropriate words to describe your magnificent attitude toward us and the efforts you put in the event. You took many risks when you climbed trees to capture every single emotion, every single moment of being together with my beloved! To be able to create such a true story captured, you have to feel it and I am totally convinced that you attended our wedding not only like the photography team but also like our friends. So friends, once again, we would like to thank you for making us feel such a special couple on the most beautiful day in our entire life!

If I have to summarize I would only say that our wedding day would never be the same without you!

Anna Slavov

Troyan – 23 October 2010