Our first meeting with Vlady was through his photographs – full of life, vibrating with emotions. The encounter with “his newly-weds” and with a part of their world, probably the most beautiful one – their true and pure love, was memorable. We questioned ourselves how he had succeeded in depicting it all.

So we decided to contact him. A wonderful surprise came in two minutes with his reply. He was so professional and at the same time kind and moving and we already knew – “He is our guy!”

We were impatiently waiting to meet Vlady who had already gained our trust. We found out that his power is not only in his skills and his talent but also in his ability to sense people and to share their inner experience which probably is the most valuable skill a person could have. He managed to peer into our thoughts and to see our dreams, which we thought were impossible to become true.

We would like to share with you something intimate. On our first meeting with Vlady, we saw his wife Geri. The harmony between them, our communication with them showed us how strongly do they believe in family and marriage and how important are they for them. At this very moment we felt that probably there is no one who could better photograph the wedding so truly and so devotedly than Vlady would.

Many people asked us why we did a post-wedding photo session. Why to do a post-wedding photo session when the wedding day is over? In fact everything starts after the wedding day as it is in real life. During the wedding day we spend time on relatives, friends, guests, different rituals and traditions and it seems that there is not enough time for ourselves. When you love someone you want something to capture and save this feeling and later on to reveal this intimate and romantic emotion. When now we go through our wedding photos we see exactly this.

Many things could be said about Vlady’s attitude but we will summarize it – Vlady is extremely emotional, ambitious and very talented. This is everything that lets him achieve his aims. He is charming and talkative and for him there do not exist closed and forbidden territories for taking photographs on. Thus he could bring life into the most unbelievable ideas. As Geri Balevska said, “He lives for taking photographs!”

Vlady Balevski is a wonderful photographer and is one of the few innovators in wedding photography in Bulgaria. He even dare offer night photographs. Both of them give heart and soul in everything they do, hard work and endless efforts to make people feel special.

Thus our post-wedding photo session turned out to be our real wedding day. A day in which we could behave the way we wanted to and to be absolutely natural. We are aware that our dream came true because we chose the professional photographer Vlady Balevski, knowing deeply in our souls that this was the right choice.

Balchik – 7 September 2010