If you ever get in contact with Vlady, you could never forget him. For less than 48 hours Vlady captures moments from our life which our relatives and we will always love to go back to. We know that there are plenty of other professionals but this passion and flame Vlady works with is contagious.

Our ?rst meeting lasted four hours and those hours passed with joking, funny stories and endless pieces of advice from his rich wedding experience. It is understandable why we didn’t manage to remember or to put down everything we advised us but his most important words which we wil never forget were: “Dream! This is your wedding day!

A few months later started our engagement photo session ii that little cosy coffee shop where our ?rst meeting ended. On that sunny day of July, armed with huge patience, joking mood and several impressive objectives, Vladi became part of our daily life and they captures our memories in our favourite park, our favourite caf?, in our new future home. We let them easily enter our little world because we trusted them a lot. The result was such wonderful and natural pictures. This photo session was a kind of a rehearsal of the Big day. There they showed us what we could have improved in order to have even greater photos. Along with the anticipated day the tension and the incredible joy began. Vladi managed to capture everything during that day — the tears of our parents, the support of our best men and friends, the joy in our eyes. This time even braver and more con?dent we showed our love before the eye of the camera.

Every wedding is beautiful when true love exists. Our wedding passed but we still enjoy its beauty and perfection through our photos and we secretly count down the days till the next joyful moment captured by Vlady.

Veliko Tarnovo – 5 September 2010