“I know Vlady Balevski a year before my wedding. He was wedding photographer of my cousin’s wedding. Since that time I knew that if I ever marry, I will choose him to capture the most beautiful day of my life.

A bit after that my husband and I got engaged and we started the wedding preparation. The first thing we did about our wedding which was on 28th August, 2010 was to call Vlady and to arrange with him the event. And thanks God I had started the preparation eight months before the wedding because all of his meeting hours were busy.

We arranged a preliminary meeting on which we had to discuss the details about the wedding. We still talk about this meeting at home – it was so emotional. Vlady and we finished each other’s sentences. He immediately felt what we expected from him and he gave us very precious pieces of advice for the wedding day. He somehow got out of the photographer’s occupation. This impressed us most – he talked from the bottom of his heart and he was so emotional about every single thing concerning our day. He was sharing every emotion with us and he was ready to turn our wedding into a real fairy tale. He showed us some photo books from other weddings and made us dream every more about our wedding day. After plenty of preparations the big day came finally. It was 28th August, 2010 and it really was the same as Vladi promised – the greatest day in our life. We felt so safe and sound with him because we knew he will capture every important moment, every gesture, every dance, and every expression of love. After the church ceremony we had only twenty minutes in which Vlady made miracles – a wonderful photo session is a fact. It is done with so many creative ideas and such a strong feeling implied. Our photos are really beautiful. We ordered a photo book. At the very moment when we opened the book our tears came down from our eyes.

Dear newly-weds, if you want the memory of your wedding day to remain in your hearts forever through the pictures; if you want to feel safe during the wedding day, we strongly recommend Balevski’s photography. You will really be pleased and you will achieve much more than you have ever dreamt of.

Thank you, Vladi!

Sincerely yours,
Stella and Valentin

Sofia – 28 August 2010